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Metaboost - High Strength

Our No.1 best seller!

Metaboost is a powerful new thermogenic formula that provides a highly effective weight loss solution - it is the most powerful and effective product we have tested in 10 years!.

Thanks to a cutting edge blend of powerful ingredients, this ephedrine-free formula produces an incredibly effective synergy which can help you reach your target weight with ease.

Controlling appetite and getting rid of that excess body-fat even with diet pills is never easy, but Metaboost offers a helping hand in that 'battle of the bulge'! Unlike the old appetite suppressants and diet pills, Metaboost is not addictive and has no reported side effects.

Metaboost is probably the most important step forward this decade in the natural reduction and control of body-fat storage. We believe no other weight loss supplement available comes close to Metaboost's amazing properties.

Many customers tell us that another benefit of losing weight with Metaboost is that you feel great! Sending your energy levels soaring , it makes you more positive mentally and reverses that 'flat' feeling that can come with dieting.

Your higher energy levels will also help you to be more active, maybe even get into an exercise programme.
Whatever you do, more activity means more calories burned.

Whether you just want to lose a few pounds, or have a longer term weight loss goal, don't struggle alone. Metaboost has been our No:1 best selling product for over 10 years now, and thousand of happy customers have found it provides exactly the help they need to get the figure they want.

Metaboost's high strength ingredients include:

Citrus Aurantium: A Thermogenic and natural stimulant.

Guarana: Contains a highly effective stimulant called Guaranine.

Sida Cordifolia: A fairly recent discovery in the slimming world, sida cordifolia is a very powerful and effective stimulant, and has been described as a safe alternative to Ma Huang.

(*Results may vary from person to person.)


Highly effective slimming solution



Helping you to reach
your ideal weight!



Kola Nut : A rich source of caffeine, kola nut has long been used in stimulating drinks as a tonic and 'pick-me-up'. It increases energy levels and helps prevent the tiredness that can be a problem when you reduce your calorie intake.

Ginseng: The energising properties of ginseng have long been recognised and acknowledged.

Bladderwrack (Laminaria): Bladderwrack, also known as laminaria or kelp, has been used for generations as an aid to slimming. It contains iodine, as well as a wide variety of minerals, which helps to stimulate the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is involved with controlling the rate of your metabolism and how quickly you burn fat.

Metaboost is only available through New Life Health.
Using our fast mail order service, your order will normally be despatched within 24 hours (though often the same day), and sent by first class post.

Ordering Metaboost is easy, just click on the button below for either 1 jar or "2 jars+ 1 free".
Orders can be placed 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Each jar of Metaboost High Strength costs £29.95 and contains 60 tablets (30 days supply, 2 per day).

At just £1 per day, you'll save more in food bills than the price of the Metaboost!