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Fat Removers

Say goodbye to the fat in your food!

Because of the constant temptation that modern food outlets provide, the latest research in weight loss is looking at ways to reduce or remove fat from the

food we eat.

Most people find it very difficult to stick to a consistently low fat diet so a product was needed to allow people to eat the types of food they like, without suffering from the problems of excess fat storage.

The answer is Fat Removers. An extremely welcome new product developed after years of research.

Fat Removers are derived from chitin, a component of the building blocks of the shells of crustaceans (shellfish). Its properties are remarkable in that it can absorb between seven and ten times it's own weight in fat!

Fat is negatively charged and Fat Removers are positively charged, so when they meet they simply bind together to produce a combination which simply cannot be digested. This is then passed through the digestive system as nature intended, thus preventing you from storing all that high calorie fat!






(*Results may vary from person to person)



As you may already know, fat contains nine calories per gram (compared to carbohydrate and protein at 4 calories per gram). So reducing your fat absorption by just a few grams a day can mean a dramatic decrease in your daily calorie intake, and consequently a reduction in your weight.

Preventing you from storing the fat from your food However, the main advantage of Fat Removers is that they only absorb fat, therefore allowing your lean tissue levels to remain high - a very important factor in maintaining or creating a fast metabolism.

Fat Removers are simple to take. Just swallow a couple of capsules with your meal and that's it! They will then absorb a proportion of the fat from your food and take it through your digestive system as nature intended. They are perfect for either long-term weight loss requirements, or if you just want to lose a few pounds to look good on the beach this summer.